Legacy Gaming | Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Leading the community into the future, While ensuring the past isn't left behind. Our management team strive to make Legacy Gaming the best!

Mr. Angel


Team Leaders

Below you will find our team leaders for each of our games. If you have a question about the server or even a suggestion, they are the people to ask!


Assetto Corsa Team Leader

IT Staff

Providing valuable code and design to improve the website and LG. These guys are the creators that bring new content to both you and LG!

Mr. Angel

Senior Developer



Moderation Staff

Known as the keepers of the peace, Our moderation staff keep our platforms free from pesky trolls and give our community a safer environment!



Service Staff

Providing valuable services to improve and support our growing community. These guys are the creators and supporters that bring new content to both you and LG!


Service Staff

Digital Media Team

These guys promote and create content that advertises and entertains our community. This group is made up of both out Media and Twitch teams. Both with a passion to make LG the best!


Media Team

Game Staff

This staff have different roles and have a wide specter of responsibilities, aswell as keeping the peace on each server!



Legacy Hosting

We at Legacy Hosting is proud to be sponsoring Legacy Gaming, and we will maintain a professional communication with your management aswell as a professional communication with you as the player, we will do our best to maintain a stable server under load and do our best to host the servers with no problems for Legacy Gaming