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Legacy Gaming was created in late May 2019, Now a branch of Legacy had members who wanted to branch into playing other games online together. As a pillar to the community we are expanding into other games and providing dedicated gaming servers for our growing community.

Offer you a chance to try something new

A fun and safe community

Offer reliable gaming servers for you to play

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Why Choose Us?

Starting from the bare basics, Legacy Gaming was founded with the pure aim to have a reliant gaming group.
We're passionate about making LG a Safe, Fun and enjoyable place for everyone.
We've been going since May 2019 which just give you a sense of how well we run.
We've seen thousands of people come through our discord and we have an amazing team behind the scenes making it as great as possible.
We're always wanting to give you "A chance to try something new..." and can only invite you to join in the fun with us.
Welcome to LG...


These are the games that our Community currently plays

These are the servers that we currently have hosted in our Community