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27 Sep 2018 22:16

Moderation Team Applications - Closes 25th October 2018 7PM BST

Being apart of the moderation team isn't just a fancy title, it maintains the environment for which LG have created here.
You are theoretically on the front lines, ensuring rules are followed and people are happy.
Moderator does come with its own responsibilities;


Be an example - To enforce rules, you have to follow them yourself
Enforcing Rules - This is point one of the moderators handbook, think someone is straying from the path, kindly point to the rule book
Decisions - Being on the team, I give to you 100% of my trust, knowing you can handle any situation calmly & collectively; to be able to make a decision based on the scenario
Reporting of events - There is a system in place for which each action is used, may it be a mute to a ban. It is mandatory to fill out a report

Punishments - You will, of course, be granted with some punishable actions, I have faith in you that you make the right decision and use the appropriate action.
Note: These actions are NOT to be miss-used under any circumstance, doing so will result in being removed from the mods team

So, the basics have been shown.
If you think you have what is required to be apart of the moderation team, Then head over to the application page.

Best of luck

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