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Hello and thank you for coming to view this application for Community Manager with Legacy Gaming. This role is highly sought after, which means this particular recruitment will be an in-depth vetting process consisting of 6 Stages. Shortly we will explain the stages as well as the benefits of joining our team and what to expect. However, firstly we will explain the requirements for apply to this role. There is a high chance that if you are successful in this role, You will be considered for Co Owner of Legacy Gaming
-> Be 16 or over.
-> Speak fluent English.
-> Have been in the Legacy Gaming Discord for at least 4 months.
-> Have a working microphone and willing to use it.
-> Be willing to work HARD and get things done.

Desired (but not required):
-> Have previous experience of Community Management
-> Be in a relatively similar timezone to the UK.
-> Have a decent internet connection.
-> Be open to new ideas, changes and give inspiration.

Stages of application:
Stage 1 - Initial Application - This stage is purely about getting to know you as a person. (Tip: Fill the application in with as much details as possible)
Stage 2 - Competency Test - This stage will help us learn about your attitudes, thought process, problem solving and similar things. (Tip: Be honest, give answers you feel are correct, not what you think should be correct.)
Stage 3 - Interview - This stage the management will conduct an interview with yourself. We will ask additional questions about you, plans you have for LG and similar things. (Tip: Have a practice interview with a friend, research LG by looking through announcements and our website to get a feel for how we operate.

For these first 3 stages, management after each stage will decide if you are fit to the next stage. You will be informed and given feedback too.

Stage 4 - Manifesto - This stage will require you to create a manifesto of things you want to do in LG. This will be presented publicly for each remaining candidate in stage 6. (Tip: Maybe consider writing out a detailed plan, or create a presentation, video or something similar, be creative and make an impression for this one.
Stage 5 Public introduction - This stage is where it is your time to shine. We will require you to write a short introduction/description of who you are, we will include your manifesto. (Tip: This is where it matters, here is where you are convincing people your the best person for the job.
Stage 6 - Voting - After all candidates have been introduced a vote will take place for a period of time. This is where you have the chance to endorse your campaign to be voted in. (Tip: Make a mark, let people know what your about, what your doing and that by voting for you, their doing the best thing for LG.

What we can give you:
-> Chances to learn new skills, techniques and processes.
-> A place where you get control.
-> A chance to meet new people.
-> Chances of progression in roles.
-> Discount on LG Merchandise.

Your jobs:
You will be helping the rest of the team in day to day activities, dealing with contact and complaints, issuing jobs to other staff members, working with sections to improve them, back office paperwork and many other jobs.

This role WILL require a lot of attention and work in the beginning but things will get easier with time. If you feel that you are up for a chance to try something new and fancy making a big difference, we look forward to seeing your application coming through. Remember: It's always worth applying, The worst thing that will happen is you will get feedback on your application. If you have any questions, please contact DJ Jefferz about them or visit our Contact form

From us here at Legacy Gaming, we wish you the best of luck.
Closing Date: Sunday 7th April 6PM BST
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